Vagabonda – am 15. Juli

Aleksandra (Vagabonda) Matula über sich und ihre Kunst:

Art is a language
participative Sonic and Visual Experience
by Aleksandra Vagabonda and MRC
The conceptual description of the project:
„Art and creativity is a language. A language which doesn’t have any borders. Everybody is creative
everyday. Everyone can find at least one way to express in the creative creation. This language gives
us possibility to communicate and work together on the other level. On the level of pictures,
imagination, sound, body language, emotions. Everybody can understand this language, everybody
can speak it: nationality, religion, colour of skin, sexual orientation or age – is not important. This
shared moment of creation is bringing people together and crating wonderful moments, which in the
future can be beneficial for work and cooperation long-term after the project. From this Idea came the
concept o the event where people from the neighbourhood work together painting their bodies to the
music. The first aspect is to bring people together and let them cooperate on different, unknown way.
To open their minds and also loosen up the borders, that are present in our everyday lives. This
process will create a smooth atmosphere, where people can be together and enjoy the process of
being creative. Second aspect is that many people are really focused on the artwork, completely
forgetting about the process. Many people are intimidated because of it and don’t start at all. The art
created on the body will not last more than 24 hours, so the pressure of making mistakes is
minimal. Third aspect in the long term effect can be for sure that participants will have a feeling to get
more power over their lives. The creative process can open on the psychological level. Bringing
something on paper, canvas or bodies, with the community can effect with making the individuals in
the community and all the community bonds stronger.“
Biography of an Artist:
Aleksandra Vagabonda is a self-taught artist from Poland, now living in Dresden, Germany. She
started to actively do art in age of 21 when she resigned from studies and went for an unconventional
travel to seek for herself. Although she was interested on the beginning with drawings and oil
paintings, during the time she expanded her horizons to Batik, Woodcut, Woodcut print, Animation,
Graffiti, Pyrography, Tattoos, Bodypainting and Musik. Her learning and developing process as an
artist and as a person was inspired and supported by artists form many countries. Her studies of
Cultural Science in combination with travelling and spiritual development gave a magic tough to her
art. Every art piece focuses on social or emotional topics that should not be suppressed but brought it
to the daily light and start process of inner healing. The aim of her work and life is to find out, what, if
anything is still true in the socialised mind of a human.

Dieses Projekt prüft die Möglichkeit für die Verbindung zwischen den alten und modernen, den Fremden und dem Eigenem. Der mehrstimmige Gesang, Geräusche und Instrumente werden live auf der Loop Station aufgenommen und mit tanzbarem Bit und Synth Sounds unterstutzt. Auf diese Weise nach und nach entsteht eine interessante, wiederholende Komposition, die nach einige Zeit wieder gradual aufgelöst wird, um Platz für eine weitere Komposition zu machen. Meine Musik lädt zu einer Art der Meditation, die positive Gefühle, Selbstentwicklung, Fähigkeit zu Veränderung und Vereinigung, Verbindung zu einer*m Selbst, der Umwelt, Natur und anderen Menschen unterstutzen soll. Durch die widerholenden Geräusche und sehr einfachen Gesang, ermöglicht die Musik den Verstand abzuschalten auf der Ebene des Unbewussten und emotionalen beeinflussen lassen. Meine Meinung nach kann diese Art der Performance eine neue zwischenmenschliche Ebene schaffen, wo man sich nicht mit den Inhalten identifizieren kann, sondern direkt die Musik als Erlebnis wahrnehmen kann. Durch diesen Erlebnisprozess ist eine Art der Verschmelzung oder Meditation möglich, wo man sich mit den Anderen Teilnehmenden und Umgebung als verbunden empfinden kann. Langfristig kann das große Wirkungen in der allgemeinen Wahrnehmung des Menschen haben, Wachstum des Respekts, inneren Klarheit und der Veränderungsfähigkeit.

Aleksandra Vagabonda: